How to Speak English Clearly

Are you looking for some tips on how to speak English clearly? If so, keep reading, because I’m going to help you. In this article I’m going to show you three ways to improve your English accent. Here they are!

On a side note: there are many dialects of English such as American English or British English (and there are also regional accents, for example people from New York speak with a different accent that people in Miami). In this article I write mainly about American English, which is the most popular English dialect.

1. Open your mouth more when you speak

It’s the most important thing to do. If you don’t open your mouth wide, there’s a chance that you will mumble. And then, no one will understand you! And not only open your mouth more, but also use your voice – learn about the correct intonation which is extremely important if you want to be understood easily.

2. Read aloud and record yourself

Find a short text in English and read it aloud. Record your voice (or even better: make a video) and send the recording to a native speaker (preferably a professional accent reduction coach) who will assess your accent.

3. Be more aware of your accent while speaking

Many people don’t listen to themselves while speaking. They just speak and don’t care if they speak correctly or not. Don’t be one of these people – concentrate on they way you speak, especially on your pronunciation and intonation. If you speak too fast, slow down (but don’t speak too slowly, it’s annoying).

Here you go – three tips on how to speak English clearly. Work on your accent on a regular basis and you should quickly start speaking more clearly. Good luck and have fun while improving your accent!

Bonus: 4. Get free lessons on how to learn an American accent
Click Learn American Accent and sign up right now to get your FREE lessons on how to learn an American accent!


  1. Mudhi says:

    I like English and I want to be one of those people how spek inglish as the native people .

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